League Game - 22nd Sept 2013

With 23 plus signed to the squad, this week only 12 were available for selection.  EWELL TOWN v AFC LANES - Lanes first away game and a game that needed to get something out of.

After last week’s game, Lanes have learned an important lesson that mistakes are quickly punished; unfortunately this lesson was not applied in the first minute of today’s game. After a poor touch by Richard and some missed opportunities for a tackle from the Lanes midfield, Ewell had a chance in the first minute for a shot on goal. Although there also was a poor touch by the Ewell player, Lanes CB Steve did not pounce on it in time and a scuffed shot saw the ball sneak into the goal. 1-0

Lanes response was good and they started passing the ball around which was helped by a midfield who were more than capable. It was not long before they started winning corners and applying pressure with no success. Lanes were winning the ball all over the park with Midfielder Peter really driving on.

Ewell best player on the pitch was their left midfield and although he has some dodgy plucked eyebrows he had a very high technical ability. Most of the shots came from him today but were all well handled by the Lanes keeper.

Not much happened for the rest of the first half and the start of the second half with the game getting stuck in the midfield, in fact it was not until substitute Dan making an immediate impact with his first touch being a wipe out of a Ewell Town midfielder in what was 50/50 header; Dan changed the odds into his favour.

Lanes kept up some pressure towards the end of the game and before long had a penalty as clumsy tackle was made in the box. The pen was taken and saved by the Ewell keeper who had a very good game today stopping at least 5 clear chances of a Lanes goal.

Lanes were starting to look desperate and another ferocious shot was hit by midfielder Daryl who shot was blocked by the arm of a Ewell player which the ref deemed to be an accident, which was unlucky as the shot had the keeper beat. Daryl had a great game in midfield today with maybe a lack of tackles, but his work rate, passing and all round game was immense.

Ewell had two very good chances this half, the first came from a counter-attack and left a man free on the edge of the box bearing down on the Lanes goal. The ball had sat up nicely and half-volleyed with great pace but Keeper Jon was up to the challenge and tipped it over the bar. The second clear chance came 5 minutes later but was blocked by super sub Dan, who bravely dived into its path and the ball striking him on the body from 8 yards out.

Lanes best chance this half was created through some great passing and interplay with the ball being chipped into the box leaving Peter with a volley but was on his weaker foot and the effort went safely into the Ewell’s Keepers hands.

Lanes won another free kick with only minutes left on the clock and had a great chance but Ewell managed to clear to Dan Murry who hit the ball across the goal although too hi to cause enough damage.

If there was any criticise today it would be the final ball, lack of shots and lack of tackles all over the park.... But the whole performance was 10x better than last week and Lanes are starting to look like a premiership side.

Goals: None



Squad - Jon Foreman (GK), Dan Nuthall, Steve Tipton, Martin Sellman, Daryl Basset, Peter Humphrey, Newton Stevenson, Richard Graves, Mike, Dan Murry, Martyn Brady, Dan

KD= M.Brady