League Game - 13th January 2013

Today Lanes saw Brockham visit and this fixture finished feisty last time so was going to have some spark today. AFC LANES v BROCKHAM GREEN - with the rest of the league playing in cups, it was Lanes chance to go top of the league.

The first twenty minutes of this game could have seen Lanes 6-0 up, the chances being missed were a combination of unlucky and good defending/keeping by Brockham. The first real chance came from Lanes third corner in the first ten minutes with the ball not cleared far enough CB Dan controlled it on the edge of the box, rounded two players and smashed it towards the top corner, unluckily Brockham's keeper was still standing by that post and stuck up a strong arm, anything on the floor would have been a goal.

The football being played by Lanes was again very good, switching of play across the pitch and great interplay which then saw a volley chance fall to back-inform striker Martyn, having already missed three clear cut chances this one also did not hit the target and the mood from the bench was is it going to be one of those days.

The first goal was straight against the run of play, a silly free-kick given on the edge of the area and Lanes not reacting quick enough sorting out the defensive wall meant the Lanes keeper was covering the wrong post. It still took a great level of skill to bend the ball round the wall and place just below the top corner. 0-1

That was Lanes first goal conceded in 290minutes and they were not doing much wrong except scoring, the back four were doing the job, Daryl and Brady looked dangerous upfront and the midfield with Terrence, Pete and Dan looked very fast and full of energy (Even defensive-Mid AJ was taking a shot on goal!). Five minutes later and constant pressure from Lanes Terrence popped up in the box to finish a missed clearance by Brockham only for the effort to be cleared off the line, Terrence was playing his best game so far in a Lanes shirt. Then another scramble straight after saw Martyn back heel it into the net which made his tally one goal in five chances. 1-1

Second half Lanes started poor with passing going a miss and the energy had left the game but the gaffer was hesitant to make changes in such a close faught game, would this choice come back to haunt him? Being a gaffer is not an easy job, making a change can lose or win you the game but Lanes were starting to tire and the subs started to warm up.

Lanes play was becoming predictable, which was for the first time this season, Pete saw a lot of the ball and must have crossed the ball five times in 10minutes but nothing was happening. Every shot and cross was going straight at the keeper and just when the game was becoming static the ball dropped to Peter just inside the box, his shot was goal-bound BUT keeper bound and a defender slide out and deflected it into the net. 2-1

The bench then made its first sub, Matt came on who has been finding some rich form lately but nearly undid all his hard work by oversleeping this morning! The Lanes missed chances had been stacking up and Martyn was very unlucky today getting most of those chances accredited to him but as a striker it does happen like that and at least those chances were happening (he is still the top goal scorer so far).

Brockham seemed to be catching Lanes attacking and were finding more joy this halve with counter-attacking. One chance was closely followed by another and this time they did catch Lanes pushed up, the ball played down Lanes left found CB Dan covering the left-back leaving the Brockham striker un-marked in the middle. The cross was smuggled over and the Lanes covering right-back nearly got in front as the Brockham striker finsihed past the Lanes keeper. 2-2

The players ended up in a heap and all but the Lanes keeper were injured with Chris getting a gash on the knee and looking to the bench to be subbed but after a minute's rest he signalled he could carry on. Lanes brought on Simon and then 10 minutes later with 3minutes left to play Terry who was back from suspension today after being sent of last time against Brockham after pushing a player over in reaction to a nasty tackle. The gaffer told Terry to go win the game!

The game because of the injuries was into its 92nd minute and Lanes looked like that had blown the chance to go top of the league. One last chance for a fairy tale ending was from Steve's long throw into the box, met by the first flick-on from Dan onto SUPERSUB Terry's head who flicked into the path of right back Chris. Chris who five-minutes before nearly came off through injury smashed the ball into the top corner from 10yards out. 3-2

Very unlucky for Brockham who had managed to withstand a barrage, but it was Lanes day. The following celebration was a bundle on the side line, more relief than joy as Lanes held on for the last two minutes, even coming close to another goal with Martyn - Think Lanes need to work on holding the ball in the corner but I suppose it would not be Sunday League if it was not Gun-Ho. Lanes moved top of the league.

Goals – Martyn, Pete, Chris


*Special award goes to Newton who injured came and watched - Apparently the secret to football is "Relax and enjoy it" which he shouted everytime Pete or Martyn got the ball.

Squad - Jon Foreman (GK), Dan Nuthall, Steve Tipton, Chris Wilks, Richard Graves, Pete Humphrey, Dan Murry, Alan Jaye,  Newton Stevenson, Martyn Brady, Daryl Basset, Matt Harrington, Terrence Riley, Simon Crabb, Terry Selwood, Toby Hunt

KD= D.Murry